Four of your ideas have made it to the Final

At the Semi-Final on 15 May, nine interdisciplinary, cross-departmental teams of public servants pitched their ideas for how government could make better use of data. Our judging panel of senior data leaders put questions, then faced the agonising task of whittling the contestants down to four.

To learn which teams have made it through to the Final, visit our Shortlist page or read our news coverage on Global Government Forum.

Meanwhile, last year’s winning project is now up and running – as detailed in our recent article, which also explains the Challenge’s operation and provides advice for participants.

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“The Data Challenge is designed to put you in the driving seat and help you to develop your skills and careers while improving services and the tools available to public servants… The government wants to empower you, our colleagues, to put forward your ideas, and to take the most promising ones forward into implementation.”

Stephen Burt
Chief Data Officer of Canada and Public Service Data Challenge Champion

Our champions and judges

The Public Service Data Challenge is supported by a set of senior public servants, including both digital professionals and organizational leaders. Together, they provide:

  • specialist digital and data expertise;
  • the connections required to gather and test ideas; and
  • the influence to push successful ideas towards implementation.


Why participate?

Joining an interdisciplinary, cross-departmental team, participants develop their skills in project management, business planning, digital technologies and partnership working, then showcase their ideas to panels of top leaders. The program is designed to boost the skills and career development of participating public servants; and if the judges like their ideas, they receive the support and resources required to carry them down the road to implementation.

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Team of people coming up with ideas

Who are we?

The Public Service Data Challenge is organized by specialist publishing house Global Government Forum, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada and Statistics Canada.

It is led by three ‘champions’ – Chief Data Officer of Canada Stephen Burt, and very senior leaders from NRCan and StatCan – and supported by a network of ‘advocates’ among senior data leaders distributed across the public service.

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