The Public Service Data Challenge: seven of your ideas are being taken forward by project teams

We sought ideas from federal public servants on how government can improve its use of data, and individuals to take forward the best ideas in interdisciplinary, cross-departmental teams. Thank you to all those who’ve submitted ideas and applied to participate! The seven most promising ideas are now being researched and developed in advance of the Semi-Final in January 2023, when the teams will pitch their ideas to our panel of judges.

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“Nobody knows our data systems better than the public servants who use them every day. Tell us how to fix problems or recognize opportunities – the Data Challenge creates a space where we can build teams around the best ideas, and provide resources to move them forward.”

Catherine Luelo
Chief Information Officer of Canada

Our champions and judges

The Public Service Data Challenge is supported by a set of senior public servants, including both digital professionals and organizational leaders. Together, they provide:

  • specialist digital and data expertise;
  • the connections required to gather and test ideas; and
  • the influence to push successful ideas towards implementation.


Who are we?

The Public Service Data Challenge is organized by specialist publishing house Global Government Forum, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, Statistics Canada and Microsoft.

The program is inspired by the UK’s Civil Service Data Challenge, which reached its Final on 9 December 2021. Following that programme, two of the finalists’ ideas are now well into delivery: the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office has built a data dashboard tracking the distribution of UK citizens overseas, while Natural England is applying AI technologies to support restoration work in peatland environments.

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