The Public Service Data Challenge: tell us how to make better use of data

We are seeking ideas from federal public servants on how government can improve its use of data, and individuals to take forward the best ideas in interdisciplinary, cross-departmental teams. No matter your position, role or organization, we want to hear from you!

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Why participate?

Joining an interdisciplinary, cross-departmental team, you’ll showcase your work to panels of top leaders, and develop your skills in:

— project management
— business planning
— digital technologies
— public speaking

The program is designed to boost the skills and career development of participating public servants; and if the judges like your idea, you’ll receive the support and resources required to carry it down the road towards implementation.

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Our champions and judges

The Public Service Data Challenge is supported by a set of senior public servants, including both digital professionals and organizational leaders. Together, they provide:

  • specialist digital and data expertise;
  • the connections required to gather and test ideas; and
  • the influence to push successful ideas towards implementation.


Who are we?

The Public Service Data Challenge is organized by specialist publishing house Global Government Forum, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada and Statistics Canada.

The program is inspired by the UK’s Civil Service Data Challenge, which reached its Final on 9 December 2021. There, the top-rated idea involved applying AI technologies in peatlands restoration work – but all eight of the ideas shortlisted in the UK programme are being taken forward. “Every single one of those proposals we absolutely loved,” said the UK’s Civil Service Chief Operating Officer Alex Chisholm. “We are absolutely determined that they should happen.”

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Before you apply

Whether you have an idea or want to join a team, you’ll need your manager’s agreement: please show them our Information for managers page, which explains the benefits of participating and asks them to approve requests.

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